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40-Inch Flat Screen TV: Featured Image

40 Inch Flat Screen TV: Top 5 Best Rated 40-Inch LED HD Smart TVs

A 40 inch flat screen TV is the perfect size for many uses like dorm rooms, bedrooms, apartments, rec rooms, and more.  The newest models display 4K Ultra HD resolution that takes your viewing experience to new levels.  The industry is
Gifts for Daughters Featured Image

Gifts for Daughters: 10 Gifts You Didn’t Know Your Daughter Wants

Looking for great gifts for daughters ideas?  Daughters are special people and gifts for daughters need to be special, too.  Every daughter is different, unique, and so no gift list could possibly cover all the varying needs and wants of every
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Cheapest 50 Inch TV: Top Rated 50 Inch HDTV Under $500

You’re looking for the cheapest 50 inch TV you can find, but what you probably really want is a quality, highly-rated 50-inch TV that also happens to be one of the least expensive.  By cheapest 50 inch TV, you probably really
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60 Inch HDTV: Top 5 Best Rated 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs

55-Inch HDTVs have been the best size for the price, but more recently a 60 Inch HDTV with 4K Ultra HD resolution and smart functions has come on strong and may be the new best choice.  More and more 4K content becomes available each
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Small Televisions: Top Rated 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV

Not everyone needs a gargantuan screen TV that takes up half a room.  In many cases, particularly if your space is limited, one of the small televisions may be the answer.  Small televisions, around 19-inches, don’t even have to be full HD or
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TV Antenna: Top 7 Best Rated UHF VHF Antennas Deliver Free HDTV

Local TV broadcasters send their HDTV signals out over UHF and VHF frequencies for free and you can display them on your HDTV using just a simple TV antenna.  You’ll notice that we didn’t say digital HDTV antenna.  That’s right, any
Sony XBR930D Featured Image

SonyTV: Sony’s New 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Lineup

When you buy a SonyTV you’re really making a statement that you want the best and most innovative technology available.  A 55-inch SonyTV is one of the most popular sizes.  It just seems to fit almost any family room or living
VIZIO D43-D1 Featured Image

Flatscreen TV:  Best Choice College Flat Screen HDTV

You’re looking for a great flatscreen TV that has the quality, resolution, features, and value to make it a great choice for your college student.  The choices are many and also unfortunately confusing.  What size flatscreen TV is best?  Should you
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Nerd Gifts: 25 Outrageous Geek Gifts Your Nerd Will Love

We all have at least one among our family and friends.  Who am I talking about?  I’m talking about a nerd of course!  There is an estimate out there that one in ten Americans is either a nerd or a closet
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Gifts for College Guys: Top 12 Unique Men’s College Gifts

Gifts for college guys are tough to buy because they seem to bounce from one favorite pastime to the next and even from one fad to another.  Who can blame them?  They’re learning a lot of new things, not just from