27 Inch TV Stands: 8 Beautiful Unique Media Stands 2014

27 Inch TV stands are usually somewhat smaller than other TV furniture and can be less costly.  We could have looked at someBell'O CW356 27 Inch TV Stands Front View of the cheap media furniture that is available, but we found that to be totally uninspiring, so we went in a slightly different direction.

Instead, we decided to find unique TV stands for flatscreens that were also very beautiful and would be an outstanding addition to your home décor.  We also thought you might not always have a 27-inch TV and so going a little larger would allow the stand to grow with you.  So the stands we looked at can handle flat screen TVs larger than 27-inch as well.

Some our favorite TV stands are a mix of glass, wood, and metal.  Somehow the right combination of these materials just looks right on a TV stand.  They also complement just about any TV and room décor.

So all of the TV stands in our list have some components that are wood and many also feature metal and glass.

Sauder Veer Panel 27 Inch TV Stands Front ViewIt’s hard to get away from particle board or MDF as they call it now, when looking at smaller, less expensive 27 inch TV stands.  So several of the small tv stands on our list have that as one of their materials.  We think that’s okay as long as it is well covered so that it doesn’t detract from the overall design and it is properly incorporated using the strengths of MDF.  After all, there’s nothing wrong with saving some money if the furniture still looks good and is durable.

One of our favorite designers is Bell’O International, makers of affordable media furniture with distinctly Italian design.  All you have to do is look through their catalog to see why they are one of our favorites.  So we’ve included a few of their contemporary designs in our list.

Although most of the furniture on our list is designed to be placed against a flat wall.  We did include one model designed to fit into a corner of a room.

Interested in larger or corner TV stands?  Be sure and see our TV stand articles including TV Stands For Flat Screens: Unique LED TV StandsTV Console: 7 Beautiful Upscale Entertainment ConsolesWood TV Stands:  Complete RTA Wood TV Stands Buying Guide 2014, and Corner TV Cabinet: Top 10 Most Elegant Corner TV Stands 2013.

So that pretty much describes what we were looking for in media furniture that would hold 27-inch and larger TVs.  Read on and see if one of these great looking pieces of furniture that we call 27 inch TV stands is the perfect one for your home!

Classic Designs In 27 Inch TV Stands

#8 – Bush Furniture Visions Corner TV Stands

Bush Furniture Visions 27 Inch TV Stands Front ViewThis is the one and only corner media stand in our list.  We included it as a value-priced addition that will go with almost any décor.  Black is by far the most popular color for TV stands mostly because it matches most LED flat screen TVs, so it’s also a good representation of what’s out there.  Not our favorite style or design and thus the ranking.  Still it has lots of space, 2- adjustable shelves, 1- fixed shelf, a nice tempered glass door, and easy cord access through the open back.

4D Concepts Swivel Top 27 Inch TV Stands Front View#7 – 4D Concepts Swivel Top Entertainment Cart

This is a novel design that has a swivel TV stand fitted to the top of a more traditional TV cart.  The top is actually vacuum-formed and both top and bottom are finished in Cherry.  It features tempered glass doors in the front that cover one adjustable shelf.  This unit is a little limited in its storage space so its ranking is lower.

It is constructed of composite board covered by PVC laminate although it is well done.  Another value-priced unit, it is also smaller and more closely fitted to a 27-inch TV.

#6 – Plateau SL-3V 26 B Wood and Glass TV StandPlateau SL Series 27 Inch TV Stands Front View

Plateau Corporation makes all types and designs of TV stands from value-priced models to upscale designs.  Their SL-3V 26B features a stylish combination of wood and glass finished in a satin black.  Its contemporary tv stand styling is immediately noticeable and will surely be the talk of any gathering.  This model also has available matching tables and a mirror.  This modern series from Plateau will give your TV the perfect home and your home a designer touch.

Sony Proforma 2-in-1 Design 27 Inch TV Stands Front View#5 – Sony PROFORMA Innovative 2-in-1 Design 46″ TV Base

At first glance you would think that this fine piece of flexible furniture would cost hundreds of dollars when in fact it costs less than $100.  Its design allows you to mount your TV in two different ways depending on the configuration that works best for you.

You can simply place the TV on a supplied elegant tempered glass shelf at the back of the unit or you can chose to mount the TV on the included 70-degree swiveling mounting arm and bracket.  This is one of the few television stands that gives you this flexibility at any price.

The tempered glass middle shelf holds 40 lbs. and it combined with the heavier bottom shelf will be able to handle any A/V equipment you want to store there.

Constructed of solid wood and finished in Heirloom Cherry the design is both very modern with just a touch of traditional giving you the flexibility to integrate it into any room in your home.

#4 – Sauder Veer Panel TV Stand with TV MountSauder Veer Panel 27 Inch TV Stands Front View

When we think of Sauder we think of assembling non-descript MDF furniture, that seems like it weighs a ton, long into the night.  Why did it always take 2 or 3 people to carry the box into the house?  That experience aside, the Sauder Veer Panel TV Stand is a welcome departure from that vision.

It’s bent wood legs make the TV see like it’s floating on air and its mixture of wood and glass is very contemporary and good looking.

Tiered tempered glass shelves finish out the look in style and hold any of your A/V equipment handsomely.

It comes with a TV swivel mount that is also adjustable in height and capable of handling many different sizes of TVs.

Bell'O NT2145  27 Inch TV Stands Installed View#3 – BELL’O NT2145 Audio/Video Furniture

Now we’re getting into our favorites on the list.  The Bell’O lineup.  First up is the Bell’O NT2145 which features classic Italian styling and real wood legs.  It’s finished in a warm medium espresso finish that goes perfectly with its tinted glass shelves.

It has a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame that holds everything together and makes the stand very durable.

One of Bell’O furniture’s great features is its “no tools assembly.”  That’s right; you can assemble the whole unit without having to use a single tool.

An open architecture design and the built-in cable management system make installing and adjusting A/V equipment a breeze.

#2 – BELL’O OA351 Audio/Video FurnitureBell'O OA351 27 Inch TV Stands Front View

Continuing with the Bell’O theme, we introduce you to the Bell’O OA351.  You will have to agree that this is a stunning design that is understated in its lines yet sophisticated in its scoop-style legs.  The unit also has the unique feature of two convenient storage drawers with cup handles.

A cable management system and rear open architecture design give you easy access and flow-through ventilation for your equipment while maintaining a clean look.

Simple assembly is the hallmark of Bell’O and the OA351 is no exception.  If tools are needed, they are always included in the kit.

Bell'O CW356 27 Inch TV Stands Front View#1 – BELL’O CW356 Audio/Video Furniture

This is our favorite TV stand.  It’s also made by Bell’O in the tradition of Italian design.  The s-shaped sides or real curved wood and the Vibrant Espresso finish of this beautifully crafted furniture virtually scream elegance and richness.  A little large for a 27-inch TV, this unit will make you want to run out and buy a bigger TV.

Tinted tempered safety glass shelves and two black chrome posts complete the look.

The Bell’O cable management system and open architecture design make this unit as functional as it is beautiful.

27 Inch TV Stands Comparison Chart

TitleBELL'O NT2145 Audio/Video Furniture for 27-Inch to 46-Inch TVsBELL'O OA351 Audio/Video Furniture for 27 to 52 Inch TVsBELL'O INTERNATIONAL CW356 Curved Wood Flat Panel A/V System4D Concepts Swivel Top Entertainment Cart, CherryPLATEAU SL-3V 26 B BG Wood and Glass TV Stand, 26-Inch, Black Satin Paint FinishSony Innovative 2-in-1 Design 46" TV Base Stand with Tempered Glass Top, 70 Degree Swivel Mounting Arm Bracket, Two Shelves for Components and Gaming Equipment, Solid Wood Case Construction with an Elegant Heirloom Cherry Finish - Good for all TV's up to 46 inchesSauder Veer Panel TV Stand with TV Mount, SGS Non-Wood Finish
FeatureReal wood legs in a medium espresso finish accented with tinted tempered safety glass shelves
"No Tools Assembly" means just that, no tools needed to assemble this unit the patented system allows you to assemble in minutes
Holds most Flat Panel TVs up to 46" or 125 lbs and at least 4 audio/video components
Features CMS Cable Management System to hide and manage unsightly wires and interconnect cables, plus the open architecture provides proper air circulation for convection cooling of Audio/Video components.
For more Audio-Video Furniture, Wall Mounts, Cables, and Accessories options by Bell'O go to bello.com
A beautiful and sophisticated design with scoop style legs in a deep espresso brown wood finish complimented with sleek black glass panel inset into the table top
Open architecture provides plenty of ventilation for convection cooling of components while the CMS Cable Management System hides and manages cables, power cords, wires and interconnects.
Holds most 52" Flat Panel TV's or 110 lbs and 4 Audio/Video components below on wooden shelves plus 2 convenient storage drawers
For more Audio-Video Furniture, Wall Mounts, Cables, and Accessories options by Bell'O go to bello.com
The CW356 features Curved Wood sides in a Rich Caramel Brown finish, tinted tempered safety glass shelves and open design to allow for Convection Cooling of you Audio/Video components
Can accommodate most Flat Panel TVs up to 60" or 150lbs on top shelf
Tinted Tempered Safety Glass shelves can accommodate up to four Audio/Video Components on lower shelves
CMS by Bell'O Cable Management System, built-in feature hides and manages power cords and interconnect cables allowing you to organize wiring for a neat and clean appearance
New Model Design for 2012 by Bell'O
Vacuumed formed top
Holds most 27-inch to 32-inch TV's
Large swivel TV top
Tempered glass doors
Ready to assemble
Superior Modern Styling.
Rich Black (B) satin finish.
High quality safety glass shelves with polished edges.
Black Glass available on All Models.
Matching tables and mirror.
Precision Engineering Meets Luxurious Design with this Sony PROFORMA TV Base, which perfectly fits today's most popular flat TV screen sizes. Two TV mounting design options are included in the box. The Integrated TV mount provides up to 70 degrees of swivel for optimized TV viewing in any room configuration. Wood color is an elegant Heirloom Cherry finish.
The 2-in-1 design allows for setup flexibility when placing a TV on the base. Option one is the traditional tabletop TV placement on a supplied elegant tempered glass shelf. Option 2 provides a 70 degree swiveling mounting arm and bracket for an integrated look. Both options help the newest high tech TV designs smoothly match a wide range of home interior styles and a much better view in comfort.
The glass middle shelf supports up to 40lbs of weight while the bottom shelf supports up to 70lbs, which is more than enough for the various audio/video components that most consumers use. These devices include, Blu-ray Disc players, cable boxes, gaming systems, AV receivers, multidisc changers, etc.
The solid wood case construction makes the PROFORMA bases secure and strong. The elegant finishes will retain their luster based on meticulous multi-step finishing processes. With the built-in cable management system, your cables are secured to the back of the rear panel out of sight. This allows for a clean look for typically messy audio video system wiring.
The Sony PROFORMA line was specifically designed to fit today's most popular flat TV's screen sizes. The mounting accessories were designed and UL tested to support more than the weight of a 46" flat screen TV.
Mount accommodates up to a 50" TV weighing 95 pounds or less
TV mount features swivel/height adjustment
Tiered, safety-tempered glass shelves hold audio/video equipment
Detailing includes bent wood legs
ModelNT2145OA351CW35608699SL-3V 26 (B)-BG413906
Height24.02 inch26 inch24 inch28.5 inch25.25 inch24 inch51.38 inch
Weight50 pound80 pound76 pound46 pound85 pound61 pound
Width44.02 inch47.75 inch19 inch31.5 inch26.5 inch17.7 inch19.49 inch
Length17.99 inch20 inch56 inch17.75 inch20 inch44.63 inch44.02 inch
Warranty1 year limited1 year limited1 year manufacture limited1-Year limited libality against manfacturer defects only
Rating4.0 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars4.9 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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Thanks for reading our list of beautiful TV stands!  We sincerely hope that we have provided you with valuable information that helps you in your search for 27 inch TV stands!

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