You have a very special girlfriend that you need to buy a birthday gift, but you need some ideas to jump start the process.  Buying birthdayBirthday Gift for Girlfriend Pink Zap Stick Stun Gun gifts for your girlfriend doesn’t need to be stressful.  You just need a little help with finding good birthday presents for a girlfriend like yours.

Of course you need to think about what your girlfriend is into.  Think about what she does the most of or would like to do the most of and you will probably find a category or two that will be right for her.

We enlisted the help of several girlfriends to find out what gifts they would love to have and we were surprised by their choices.  We were expecting jewelry, perfume, and shoes, but we got romance, practicality, and fun.

Whether you’re looking for birthday ideas, birthday gift ideas for her, best gifts for women, gifts for girls, birthday gifts for her, birthday gifts for women, gifts for teens, or gifts for friends, we’re sure you will find something she’ll love on our list.

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend: Top 15 Gift Ideas


Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend iLuv Syren NFC Bluetooth SpeakerFemale Birthday Gifts: Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are very popular this year and it’s no wonder why.  They come in handy in so many situations, provide rich sound, and are fun to use.  She will enjoy sharing her music with friends and family from her Bluetooth-enabled portable smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player.


Compact Portable ChargerBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend Jackery Giant Plus Premium Portable Charger

We all suffer with portable electronic devices with painfully short battery lives, but she doesn’t have to.  New compact portable chargers can charge multiple devices several times before needing to be recharged themselves.  It’s so small she can easily carry it in her purse or pocket and never run out of power to call or text you.



Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Roku 3 Streaming Media PlayerStreaming Media Player

If you haven’t heard of or don’t know what streaming media players are, you should take some time to find out.  Buying her a streaming media player is like buying here thousands of free TV shows and movies in full HD 1080p quality.  These are the most popular HDTV-related devices in the world and she will be glad you got one for her.


Weather StationBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend La Crosse Technology 308-1412S Color Weather Station

Now she can find out exactly what the temperature is outside and even the forecast for her exact location so she can know what to wear to work or play without waiting for weather on the local news.  A handy weather station will tell her the exact temperature at the moment she needs to know it both outside and inside her house.  Many also will forecast the weather for her based on historical trends in her location.

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Silpat Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone Baking Sheets

If she likes to bake, one of the best baking tools is the non-stick silicone baking mat.  She can put one of these in the bottom of any baking pan and say goodbye to burnt cookies or food sticking to the pan.  They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and will help her bake like the experts on Top Chef.


Portable Garment SteamerBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend Salav Portable Garment Steamer

When I was 100% travel for my work, one of the things I dreaded most was getting to the hotel room only to find that there was no iron, the iron didn’t work, or the iron was covered with some black goo rendering it unusable.  I finally solved that problem by buying a travel garment steamer.  Not just for travel, she will use it for touch-ups around the house instead of her iron.

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend All-In-One Picnic Travel BackpackPicnic Backpack

Picnics in the park are romantic and fun, but assembling everything for the picnic and transporting it to the park…not so much.  Make it easy for her to have a picnic with you more often with a picnic backpack that includes almost everything you and she will need for a great picnic…just add food and drinks.  Now you can give her the romance of a picnic for two with none of the pain.


Personal Home Spa TreatmentBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend Renewal Spa Lavender Gift Basket

Who doesn’t like a personal spa trip?  Real spa trips are too expensive to take regularly, but you can give her a spa trip at home between spa visits.  She will appreciate getting all the components of an expensive spa all in one beautiful gift basket she can use right in her own home.  Give her a personal home spa trip.


Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Valeo Yoga KitYoga Starter Kit

Yoga is very popular these days as people try to find ways to be healthier and reduce stress.  The question is how do you get started?  Should you go to an expensive trainer?  If she’s just getting started, one of the best ways is with a Yoga starter kit.  It includes instructions and everything she needs to find out if she is a Yoga person.  Give her relief from the stress of her busy life and some great exercise as well.


Cosmetic Makeup KitBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend Shany Snakeskin Cosmetics Kit

Makeup is a girl’s best friend.  To say it another way, women can never have enough makeup.  Applying makeup is an art that requires an artist’s tools and materials.  Why not get her a personal cosmetic makeup kit complete with everything she’ll need to make her and her friends beautiful?

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Pink Zap Stick Stun GunPersonal Protection Stun Gun

I’m sure you’ve all heard of pepper spray, but did you know there are personal stun guns capable of bringing down large attackers with nearly a million volts of electricity?  Stun guns are useful self-defense weapons that won’t really harm the attacker, but will render them helpless long enough for a quick escape.  The amazing part is that they’re about the same size as a small flashlight and run on batteries, so she can carry it with her wherever she goes.  If you’ve every worried about her personal safety walking out to her car, in a poorly lit parking lot or garage after work this can give you some peace-of-mind.

ChocolatesBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend GODIVA Chocolatier Gold Ballotin Classic

Women love chocolate.  You might not know what the question is, but chocolate always seems to be the right answer.  I’m not talking about just any chocolate.  I’m talking about GODIVA.  Nothing says high-end gift like a box of GODIVA chocolates.  I’ve been to a GODIVA store and it’s pure decadence.  The flavor of GODIVA chocolate is like none other.  Get her some rich chocolates and watch her eyes light up.


Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Ultimate Romantic Gift BasketRomantic Gift Basket

I’m not a huge fan of gift baskets because they’re not very personal and they don’t usually take much thought, but I had to make an exception in this case.  This basket appeals to the romantic side of your wife or special friend.  She will love getting something from you that says you’re thinking about her and your relationship.  To top it off this gift basket is beautiful and will make a great impression.



Gardener’s Kneeling BenchBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend Midwest Gloves and Gear Kneeler Bench

Many women love gardening because it reduces stress and the results can be beautiful and bountiful.  The most common complaint about gardening is the effect on knees and on the back.  If you kneel on the ground, it hurts and after awhile it takes its toll.  Getting up and down a lot puts a lot of stress on your back and even if it doesn’t actually damage your back, it is certainly painful and can make you stiff for days after.  There is a nice solution that is a great value and your girlfriend gardener will love you for it.  It’s a kneeler bench and it serves two purposes in one.  It has upright handles to help you when getting up or kneeling down and it is padded to reduce knee pain.  Take care of your gardener and get her a kneeling bench for her birthday.


Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Antigravity Batteries Micro Jump StarterCompact Battery Jump Starter

Another gift you may not even know about and you’re probably not thinking about is a compact portable jump starter and power station.  That’s a mouthful, but it simply means a device that can help her jump start her car all by herself without needing jumper cables or another vehicle.  This is a great emergency tool that is so compact it can fit nearly anywhere in the car, even the glove box.  It will be ready at a moment’s notice to save her the first time her car won’t start due to a dead battery and you’re not around to help.  They also happen to come with a built-in emergency flashlight with SOS and have the capability to charge all her portable devices when traveling. Everyone should have one in their car.


Kindle Paperwhite eReaderBirthday Gifts for Girlfriend Kindle Paperwhite eReader

One gift showed up on everyone’s list and it has to do with the popularity of reading.  It’s a relaxing pastime that can be made even easier and more enjoyable with an eReader.  The new Kindle Paperwhites are the most popular and so you can’t go wrong with choosing one for that reader in your life.  They provide a very nice reading experience without glare even in daylight and they are very light so you can read with one hand, unlike some tablets which are too heavy to do that.  You can cater to one of her loves by choosing an eReader as a gift.


There you have it, 15 gifts women love and would love to get for their birthday.


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