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TV Projectors: Top Rated Most Popular Budget Mini Projector Now Supports 1080p

TV projectors provide a way to get a theater-like experience right in your own home.  Until recently home TV projectors of any quality were too expensive for most people to afford. Prices have come down to the point that just about
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Teacher Gifts: Best Back-to-School Video Projector Value

If you have a teacher in your family or among your friends, then as we approach back-to-school you’re probably thinking about teacher gifts and gift ideas.  Whether they’re heading back to grade school, high school, community college, college, or university, they
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Cheap Projectors: 5 Top Rated WXGA Projectors Under $400

Cheap projectors really means projectors that are a good value for the money you spend.  That’s the point of this article.  We weren’t looking for cheap projectors.  We were looking for inexpensive projectors for the quality and features you get.  In