When it comes to couples gifts, it seems that most of them are either very romantic and personalized, or boringCouples Gifts Picnic at Ascot Backpack Open View and uninspired.  The point of couples gifts should be to reinforce their relationship as a couple rather than to give them something that they look at once and then never again.  Whether its anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, valentines day gifts, personalized gifts, unique gifts, fun gifts, cool gifts, engagement gifts for couples, housewarming gifts, christmas gifts for couples, romantic gifts, gifts for friends, photo gifts, creative gifts, or just plain awesome gifts, we think you will find something they will love in our list.

The way to buy a couples gift is to buy something that supports them as a couple and find something they will enjoy using as a couple and will continue to use for years to come.  It’s not as hard as it sounds.  We went searching all over the place for couples gifts that fit our criteria and we think we found some great ones.

Each gift was selected because your couple is sure to want to use it and share it as a couple.  Romance is in the eye of the beholder and we think it’s just as romantic to get them something they will use together as it is to give them a personalized piece of jewelry that they may or may not wear.  Unless you are very, very close to the couple, it’s difficult to know what romantic gesture is going to be well-received.

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We solved that problem by identifying fun and unique gifts that your couple probably isn’t expecting, but that may actually change their lives in a fun way.

Take a look at our list of gifts for couples and see if one of these great unique couples gifts is the perfect one for your couple!

eCouples Gifts: 12 Fun Unique Gifts for Your Favorite Couple

#1 – Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology, Black – $300

Couples Gifts Philips HD9230-26 Digital Airfryer Front ViewWho doesn’t love fried food and some of the best are great to share with your loved ones.  The only problem of course is that fried foods aren’t the perfect healthy food.  As we all try to eat healthier these days and I’m sure your couple is as well it’s hard to say “healthy” and “fried” in the same sentence. They just don’t go together. Well that’s all changed with the introduction of the AirFryer from Philips. Now you can enjoy those great shareable fried foods without the frying.  Your couple can get that guilt-free experience by frying their favorites in hot air and get the same crispy fried taste and texture without the oil and without baking. It’s really the perfect appliance to create healthier snacks, parties, and family night.  Your couple will wonder why somebody didn’t invent this sooner. Help your couple satisfy their cravings for delicious fried food together without having to leave their healthy eating habits behind. Give them the Philips Digital AirFryer.


#2 – NIX X15C 15 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor & 4GB Memory – $150

These days couples probably spend as much time taking pictures of their adventures together as they do having theCouples Gifts Nix 15-Inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame Front View adventures and that’s great!  Nothing brings back wonderful memories like photos and videos.  We all know how difficult it is to keep photos in a place where you have a chance to look at them often. Photo albums are great, but you have to take the time to get them out, sit down, and look at them. You might do it more often, but you forget. Then often weeks turn into months before you get a chance to stroll down memory lane again. If your couple is like me and my wife, it might be the next holiday before we sit down and enjoy them. Wouldn’t it be great for them to have their cherished photos out where everyone can see all of those pictures? It’s possible to share your cherished photo memories with each other and with everyone using a new high-resolution digital photo frame. A photo frame displays their photos one at a time for a specified period and then cycles to the next photo and so on. Their photos are displayed beautifully in high-resolution color on a video screen that they can place like a framed photo anywhere in their home or office. Newer models have enough storage for thousands of pictures and also a motion sensor to save battery power when nobody is around to enjoy the pictures. Help your friends or family bring back those cherished memory with a digital photo frame.

#3 – Nostalgic Retro Candy Box – $30

Couples Gifts Candy Crate 1960s Retro Candy Box Front ViewCouples not only create new memories, but it’s fun to share each other’s life memories as well.  Childhood memories are some of our fondest and I’m sure it’s the same for your couple. One of the strongest and fondest memories of childhood are the candies they enjoyed. Bringing back some of those flavors is a powerful way that can open up a flood of wonderful memories from childhood to share with each other. Now there is a way to give them all of the candy memories from their childhood in one handy retro candy box. Just choose the decade of their childhood and watch their eyes light up when they receive your thoughtful gift box of delightful tastes.

#4 – Picnic Backpack Cooler w/ Blanket for Two (Black) – $88

Picnics are on the way back in a big way and you can help your couple take advantage of this classic sharing eventCouples Gifts Picnic at Ascot Backpack Main View together.  Picnics put just about everything into one shared moment including romance, food, drink, and the outdoors.  Help them reinforce the romance with a picnic in the outdoors whether in the park or countryside. The fresh air, just the two of them, good food, pretty surrounds; it really can’t be beat. So why don’t couples go on more picnics? The first reason might be because they feel that their lives are too busy. One reason might be because it’s a little bit of a pain to prepare and setup for a picnic. Well, now they don’t have any excuse. You can get them a complete picnic backpack cooler with the place settings already packed and ready to go. Just add the food and they can be headed out on their picnic in a matter of a few minutes. This is a great gift that will remind them of you each time they head out on another wonderful picnic for just the two of them.

#5 – TiVo Roamio HD Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player (TCD846500) – $170

Couples Gifts Tivo Roamio DVR Front ViewJust about everyone has heard of or is using a DVR these days to record their favorite shows and movies without having to actually be there.  If you know your couple doesn’t have one, you can get them a Tivo model for not a lot of money that will drastically improve their viewing experience for years to come. Capable of recording up to several channels simultaneously in Full HD, these new Tivo DVRs are the state of the DVR art. My family has had up to 4 Tivos in our house because the technology wouldn’t let you record more than just a couple of channels. Now we have just two that do everything we need them to including transferring programs between Tivos over our home network. Just a note that a subscription from Tivo is required and there will probably be a small installation charge from your cable company or FIOS to install the cards required to connect to each tuner. Once they’ve experienced Tivo, they will never be able to watch TV with commercials again!

#6 – Pizza Perfector PERF1000BLACK the Original Countertop Pizza Oven – $150

We all love pizza and I’m sure your couple is no exception, but it is an expensive habit that can really add up overCouples Gifts Pizza Perfector PERF1000BLACK Countertop Pizza Oven Top View time. You can save money by buying frozen or store-bought fresh pizzas, but it’s hard to cook the crust and the topping just the way you want them in your oven. It always seems like you get the perfect crust and cold or uncooked toppings or vice versa. Now there is a great solution developed by triple-world Champion Pizza Maker, Theo Kalogeracos that is designed to take the hard work out of making the perfect frozen, homemade, or store-bought pizza right on your countertop. Your pizza-loving couple will get complete control over their pizza baking using both top and bottom independently-controlled heating elements that will give them the perfect pizza every time, just the way they like it. Also, by not using the oven, they will save electricity and time. Everyone loves pizza and your couple will love their perfect pizza oven.

#7 – Roku 3 Streaming Media Player – $99

Couples Gifts Roku 3 Streaming Media Player Full ViewWe have had our Roku 3 for a year or so and we don’t know how we lived without it.  I recommend it to absolutely everyone and it’s a very cost-effective and fund gift for couples.  Just about every cost-conscious American would love to get out from under that cable or FIOS bill that seems to get more shocking every month. Enter the streaming media player. If your couple doesn’t have one, then this is the best electronic gift you could get them this year. If your couple loves to watch TV and would like the ability to see movies and TV shows for free, then the Roku 3 is the only way to go. It supports many streaming media channels like YouTube and Hulu Plus in addition to providing access to movie providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Media all from one plug-and-play set-top box. It doesn’t quite allows you to ditch your cable provider completely, but it’s getting closer and your couple will definitely never look at TV the same way.

#8 – GoPro HERO4 BLACK – $500

On most couples adventures, they will definitely take a bunch of pictures, but depending on the activity, actionCouples Gifts GoPro HERO4 Black Action Camcorder Front View videos are much harder to take with their phones.  For one thing, phones typically aren’t designed for rougher treatment or inclement weather. If your couple spends a lot of time camping, hiking, or participating in outdoor games or other action activities, they need a tough, weatherproof camcorder designed for the outdoor enthusiast. The most popular by far are the GoPro cameras that are designed specifically for outdoor and adventure activities and will make sure your couple captures all those special moments together that normally would be difficult if not impossible. Now your couple will be able to record those precious moments together from their outdoor adventures that they will cherish always.

#9 – Prime Garden™ Sunbrella Fabric Hammock, 14 Feet Wood Arc Hammock Stand – $350

Couples Gifts Prime Garden Sunbrella Fabric Wooden Frame Hammock Outdoors ViewWhat better to reinforce that romantic streak in your couple than a lazy afternoon in the backyard cuddled up together in a comfortable hammock? Hammocks are a tradition in many parts of the country and they symbolize the comfort and freedom of a weekend afternoon without work. Who better to spend it with than your better half? Not all hammocks are the same and not every hammock comes with a way to set it up. The best hammocks include a stand that supports the hammock perfectly and come with a comfortable, strong fabric with the right spread to provide the most comfort for two people. Does your couple have a shaded backyard perfect for a comfortable hammock for two?



#10 – Microsoft Xbox One + Kinect – $500

Would you be surprised to know that many couples spend their evenings around a Playstation orCouples Gifts Xbox One Plus Kinect Kit View Xbox One enjoying any number of titles from battle games to racing? It’s not only fun, but it can really bring couples together when they play as a team against other online gamers. It’s truly amazing the number of gaming genres that are available so there are sure to be any number of games that your couple will love. Be sure to get the version with Kinect which provides voice, vision, and motion response technology to Xbox One and really takes gaming to the next level.

#11 – LyveHome Photo and Video Manager for Mobile Devices with 2TB Storage – $300

Couples Gifts LyveHome Photo and Video Manager Front ViewOkay, your couple has thousands of pictures they took with their smartphones or camera and unfortunately they will probably never have a chance to enjoy most of them because of the daunting task of storing and organizing them.  Most of the time the pictures stay on each individual phone unshared until they’re deleted.  Give your couple a gift you won’t find on any other list that solves the problem of organizing and sharing the multitude of photos and videos any couple might generate with their smartphones and other electronic devices. This system is designed to use an app called Lyve to instantly capture photos to a shared drive that is immediately available to everyone in your couple’s family that have the app and are connected. This system is a complete video and photo management system providing smart collection, organization, protection, and consolidation of all of your couple’s photos and videos.  Trust us, they will love you for it!

#12 – Cuisinart ICE-45 Mix It In Soft Serve 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker, White – $90

Finally, another food lover’s appliance that may become your couple’s favorite gift!  We all love ice cream and oneCouples Gifts Cuisinart ICE-45 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Front View of the most fun things to do is to mix in your favorite toppings. Get your ice-cream loving couple the gift of homemade soft serve ice cream with storage for three different toppings to mix in. They will be able to make anything they like from soft serve yogurt to sorbet automatically for bowls or cones and then use the condiment dispensers to add and mix their favorite toppings. My personal favorite is crunched up Snickers bars! Sharing the process of making and enjoying ice cream at home is a great activity for couples to share for an after-dinner treat or for movie night. Give the sweet gift of soft-serve ice cream to your sweet couple.

Well there you have it. Our recommendations for the top couple’s gifts of the year.

Thank you for reading our gifts post! We sincerely hope that it has provided you with valuable information that helps you find the best couples gifts for your favorite couple!

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