Flat screen HDTVs continue to come down in price;  particularly in the 1080p 60Hz flat screen high definition TV segment.  The 60 Hz refresh rate seems to still be popular for 42-inch flat screen TVs because at that size, it doesn’t seriously affect performance.  Although 55-inch HDTVs were all the rage during the holidays, you can’t beat a 42-inch flat screen high definition TV for value.

It wasn’t that long ago that 42-inch flat screen HDTVs were popular, but still pricey.  All that has changed.  You should be able to find a high-quality 1080p 60Hz non-smart flat screen LED TV for well under $400.  That is why they are so popular.  They have the size to give you a great viewing experience, their full-HD, and they are bargain-priced.

So what should you expect to find in a 42-inch flat screen high definition TV?  It should definitely be an LED-backlit model.  It shouldLG Electronics LN5300 Flat Screen High Definition TV Full View be easy-to-use and have an Energy Star rating.  It all comes down to the picture.  You can walk into any television store and the one with the best picture wins!

If you’re considering buying a flat screen HDTV, you have to buy a full HD 1080p model.  The prices are great right now and the picture clarity is really stunning.  You can expect nearly double the pixel resolution of full HD over standard HD.  That’s the kind of difference that you will really notice.  Once you go 1080p, you will wonder how you ever lived without it and a standard HD TV will look noticeably fuzzier.

When we look for LCD LED TVs we always look for what’s popular.  Why?  There is always a reason a product is popular and it’s no different for HD televisions.  Popular products aren’t always the best products.  Sometimes it’s a price thing.  People are willing to put up with fewer features and lower quality for the best price.  Probably as often though, the low price has to go along with quality and features.  Popular products often are popular because buyers have found them to be the best products.  So we try to take advantage of their knowledge and experience to select our LED TVs.


You can do the same thing.  We have found the most popular 42-inch full HD TV and we are passing on to you information about it.  We think when you examine the picture, the reviews, and the features; you will agree that this is one great HDTV.  Read on to see if this model 42 inch TV from LG is the perfect flat screen high definition TV for your needs!

LG Electronics 42LN5300 42-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED Flat Screen High Definition TV

LG Electronics LN5300 Flat Screen High Definition TV Front ViewLG’s LN5300 has full HD 1080p and LED backlighting to give you crisp picture detail not available with standard HD.  If this is your first look at 1080p you will be totally amazed by the picture clarity and color detail of this LG TV.  Let’s face it, with HDTV it’s all about the picture quality and with nearly double the resolution of standard HD, this TV has the picture you’re looking for.  Check out this LG model’s great features.

Flat Screen High Definition TV Features

  • LED backlighting
  • Full HD 1080p 60Hz
  • Easy self-calibration Picture Wizard feature uses on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements like black level, color, tin, sharpness, and backlight levels.  This easy-to-use feature takes the guesswork out of picture adjustments.
  • LG TVs are known for their smart energy use and this model is no different.  It is ENERGY STAR qualified using up to 30% less energy than standard TVs
  • This model comes with a built-in sleep timer
  • The LG Electronics 42LN5300 measures 38.1W x 22.3H x 3.1D inches without the stand and 38.1W x 24.7H x 9.2D inches with the stand and weighs in at 22.9 lbs.


  • 2-HDMI (1-rear, 1-side)
  • 1-USB (side)
  • 1-RF
  • 1-Component
  • 1-Composite
  • 1-Digital Audio Out (optical)


  • Easy to setup
  • Great picture quality
  • Great value
  • Lightweight


  • Only 2 HDMI ports
  • Sound quality not the best
  • Lack of outputs
  • No headphone jack

LG Electronics LN5300 Flat Screen High Definition TV Review


42-Inch Flat Screen High Definition TV Comparison Chart

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