There is a way to figure out exactly what type and size antenna you need to receive the channels in your area.  Just go toRCA ANT751 HDTV Yagi Antenna Rear View and click on the Click Here To Start button.  Using your zip code and address you will be able to see the TV station channels in your area and find out from there exactly what size and type of antenna you need.  One of the directional antenna types that is very popular with home users is the HDTV Yagi antenna.

Using you will be able to see if you need a small, multi-directional outdoor TV antenna, a large directional with pre-amplifier, or something in-between.  This article discusses a compact Yagi digital TV antenna that supports yellow, light green, green, and red color codes.

One of the big problems with directional antennas is their size.  If you’re looking for an antenna that will bring in HD channels from 40 miles distant, the antenna will probably be large.  This has two drawbacks.  First, larger antennas are more difficult to install.  Second, if you care about the looks of your house, having a large antenna on your house won’t add to its curb appeal.  Fortunately, there are compact antennas that have the signal reception that you need in a size that is easy to install and doesn’t overshadow your home.

Durability is important in an outdoor HTDV Yagi antenna.  Check any antennas you’re considering for their quality of construction and materials.  Your HDTV antenna should be constructed of materials that can weather the elements including, wind, rain, ice, and snow.


Amplification may be required for some installations because of the distance from the broadcasting station or obstacles and terrain that may make quality reception more difficult.  Urban environments present their own problems HDTV antennas due to the reflections off downtown structures.

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How easy is an HD antenna installation?  It depends on where you’re planning to mount the antenna.  Mounting a heavy, bulky antenna on your roof or the side of you house can be a sticky situation even with help.  Working off a ladder can actually be dangerous.  Some homeowners choose to install it as an indoor tv antenna or indoor HDTV antenna by placing the antenna in their attic just to avoid having the antenna visible from the street and because it’s easier to install than placing the antenna externally on the house.

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What about directional or omni-directional antennas?  If you have a particular HDTV station that you want to receive and it is farther than average from your home, you may be forced to go with a directional HDTV Yagi antenna that provides quality reception from longer distances.  You may even need a pre-amplifier to boost the signal quality.  If you live downtown in a city with several stations, an omni-directional antenna may be the way to go.  In any case, you will probably want a motorized mount with remote control to allow you to shift the direction of the antenna to get the best reception right from your couch or easy-chair.

We did the research and we think we’ve found a very high-quality HDTV Yagi antenna that will easily take care of any medium-size directional antenna requirements.  Read on to see if this is the perfect antenna for your situation.

RCA ANT751 Durable Compact Outdoor HDTV Yagi Antenna

RCA ANT751 HDTV Yagi Antenna Full ViewThe RCA ANT751 is a compact, lightweight antenna capable of receiving both 1080 and 720 HDTV and standard definition TV channels within up to a 40-mile radius of the broadcast signal.  This award-winning Yagi antenna is also easy to install, has great interference rejection characteristics and folds-out for easy assembly.  Take a look at its many great features.

RCA ANT751 HDTV Yagi Antenna Features

  • Extended-range signal reception design is effective up to a 40-miles radius of the broadcast signal location
  • Capable of receiving both 1080 and 720 HDTV signals
  • High-definition picture clarity is outstanding and uninterrupted
  • Ready to go in seconds, the RCA ANT751 is pre-assembled and its snap-lock elements fold out for simple installation and is equipped with a heavy-duty locking mast clamp
  • Optimized cross-phase, multi-element design handles even the most challenging reception environments
  • Built from high-quality materials designed for tough outdoor weatherRCA ANT751 HDTV Yagi Antenna Kit View conditions
  • Durable construction means years of useful life
  • Compact design takes up only 1 meter of space and fits in places traditional antennas can’t
  • Works equally well in suburban and urban areas
  • You can ditch your cable company and receive your local HD and DTV broadcast channels for FREE
  • Comes with all mounting hardware and a 75-ohm matching transformer
  • Winner of the TopTenReviews Excellence and Gold awards
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • Crisp and clear reception
  • Easy to install and compact
  • Dump cable or satellite providers
  • Great value


  • May need pre-amp to get channels you want
  • Cable connections are weather-protected
  • Mounting hardware non-standard

RCA ANT751 HDTV Yagi Antenna Review


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HDTV Yagi Antenna Comparison Chart

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