You may think that an indoor TV antenna could never give you the amplified, long-range, digital HD-quality TV signal you need to watch local news, weather, live sports, and all the top-rated shows for free.  You may have been right a year ago or two, but right now there is an indoor TV antenna that can give you an amazing 50-miles of range from multiple directions in both UHF HD and VHF HD bands while being ultra-thin and inconspicuous.

Indoor TV Antenna: Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Digital HD Intro ViewIt sounds too good to be true that you can get that kind of performance from such a small indoor TV antenna from within your home, but that’s the state of the antenna industry right now.

The advantages of a powerful indoor TV antenna are many:

Easy Mounting

First, you don’t have to climb up on your roof or go into the attic to mount the antenna.  You don’t need a ladder or complicated hardware.  You don’t need 50-feet of coax cable.  You don’t need a separate amplifier.  You don’t need to get power to an antenna on the roof.  You don’t have to worry about neighborhood restrictions that might prevent you from mounting an antenna where you need it to get the reception you want.


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Amazing Range

While up until a few years ago, you need to buy a larger outdoor antenna to pull in those weak stations on the fringe of your reception.  Now, indoor antennas are available that can provide 50-miles of range in all directions using innovative new designs and the latest technology amplification.

Digital HD Channels

Can an indoor antenna receive digital HD signals?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Not only that, but this digital antenna can receive digital HD in both the high-VHF and UHF bands, so you have the most flexibility in finding those stations you love.

Indoor TV Antenna: Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Digital HD Connections View

Cutting the Cord

If you were ever going to “cut the cord” or drop “cable” from your vocabulary, now would be the time to do it.  Of course, you will want to go to a streaming media player connected to the internet for your favorite binge-watching, but for all your local channels and the main broadcast channels, you can get those all from a digital HDTV antenna.  Some experts estimate that the average household receives 189 channels over cable, but only actually watches 17 of them.  Cable does this to you because they don’t want you to be able to pick and choose the channels you watch and reduce the cost.


There are indoor HDTV antennas now that are ultra-thin that you can mount to a window or to the wall that will be almost invisible to the room.  If you place one on the wall behind your TV, you won’t even be able to tell it’s there.  If you place it on a window behind drapes, you will not be able to notice it.  Indoor TV antennas have come a long way in their design and performance so that you have that luxury.

Indoor TV Antenna: Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Digital HD Thin View4K Ultra HD

To say that the transition to 4K Ultra HD TVs has been slow would be a gross understatement.  That being said, the change is happening, and it won’t be too long before more channels are broadcasting in 4K UHD.  I watch movies over streaming media and it’s been only in the last year that 4K content has been showing up regularly as an option for rental.  The good news is that you can get an indoor TV antenna now that will be ready to receive 4K UHD broadcasts in the future.




ATSC 3.0

You may not be aware that a revolution in broadcast TV is happening.  The current work being done on the next-generation broadcast standard, known as ATSC 3.0, is exciting for everyone.  The new standard will provide unprecedented flexibility in evolving to meet consumer demands for their entertainment.  Indoor antennas have evolved as well and now many already incorporate support for ATSC 3.0.


We searched antenna forums, TV forums, manufacturer sites, retail sites, customer review sites, social media, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highly rated indoor TV antennas.


Take a look at our choice and see if this Winegard FlatWave model is the best TV antenna for your needs!


Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Indoor Digital HD TV Antenna

Indoor TV Antenna: Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Digital HD Main ViewWinegard, located in Burlington, Iowa, has been a pioneer in television antenna design since the 1950’s and their Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Indoor Digital HD TV Antenna is the latest in a long line of innovative antennas that are meeting the demand of increasingly sophisticated consumers who want more capability in broadcast TV.  It’s designed to be a sleek, inconspicuous addition for consumers living in metropolitan areas and its ultra-thin, dual-color design helps it to blend into any surroundings.  It features an amazing 50-mile range in any direction that will pull the most channels and provide you with local news, weather, live sports, all the new multi-cast channels with free movies, and all the top-rated TV shows for free in digital HD as well as amazing Dolby Digital Surround Sound. This Winegard Flatwave indoor HDTV antenna may be the best HD antenna out there.


Indoor TV Antenna: Features

  • Lightweight, compact, ultra-thin, inconspicuous, amplified, USB-powered, digital HD, over-the-air, indoor TV antenna
  • New FlatWave amplified antennas feature Clear Circuit Technology that provides the absolute best signal quality with the lowest noise (1dB typical) compared to 3dB+ for other antennas
  • Delivers an amazing 50-miles indoor antenna reception range from multiple directions
  • Dual-band high-VHF HD and UHF HD give you the most flexibility to receive the channels you love
  • An amazingly ultra-thin antenna, it is only 13 x 12 inches and weighs only 0.6 lbs. and can be mounted on a wall, in a window, or even on a flat surface like a table
  • Unique reversible black and white design means you will be able to match the antenna to your decor
  • 4K Ultra HD and ATSC 3.0 ready
  • Pair this powerful indoor TV antenna with a streaming media player like Roku, Fire TV, or Chromecast to maximize your viewing experience
  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.


Indoor TV Antenna: Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Digital HD Included ViewManufacturer’s Note: To receive your new free programming, be sure to run a channel scan on your TV after setting up your new antenna.  Also, to keep your channel line-up up-to-date, it is a good idea to run a channel scan monthly and anytime you notice a channel is lost.


Included Accessories

  • 1 – Embedded low noise digital amplifier
  • 1 – 18.5-foot mini coax cable attached to the TV antenna
  • 1 – 3-foot USB power cable and 110VAC adapter
  • 2 – 3M Command brand strips






Customer Reviews

See Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Indoor Digital HD TV Antenna Customer Reviews >>>



  • Easy to install
  • Amazing, crystal clear, digital HD reception
  • Inconspicuous in a window or on the wall
  • Amplification makes a big difference in reception



  • Reception is specific to each situation, so your results may vary











Indoor TV Antenna



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The right digital indoor TV antenna will give you the ability to watch free local news, weather, love sports, and all the top-rated shows in HD without cable or satellite TV.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the right indoor TV antenna for your needs!

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