The only thing more fun watching TV inside during the summer months is watching it outside with friends and family.  You can useOutdoor TV Enclosure The TV Shield With Shield Raised View you’re an existing TV, but you need to protect it with an outdoor TV enclosure.

That sounds great, but can an enclosure for a regular TV really protect it from all that threaten it outside?  The answer is most certainly yes!  Some common dangers to TVs include moisture, direct water sprays, insects, sunlight, dust, dirt, tampering or theft.  An enclosure has you covered by providing protection against all of these threats to the safety and security of your TV by using a thick protective cover and plastic front shield.  It effectively makes your flat screen TV into a waterproof TV.

Will the TV enclosure distort the picture and make it unwatchable?  No, the protective screen gives you the option of an ultra-clear view of the TV screen when closed and a direct view of your TV screen when opened.

Outdoor TV enclosures provide the ultimate protection for any TV.  They protect your TV from moisture, water, dust, accidental impact, and even tampering or theft.  They make your LED, LCD or Plasma TV into a weatherproof TV.  Whether on the porch, deck or even near the pool, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet from pool splashes, sprinkler systems, or even water fights.  Don’t trust your TV to cheap outdoor TV covers.  An moisture-proof enclosure is the only way to go.

Many also come with locks and keys to prevent tampering or theft.  We recommend outdoor TV enclosures by The TV Shield because of their excellent quality, performance, and durability.  See if these enclosures are the perfect protection for your TV!


What do you need to get up and running with one of these enclosures?

  • 1. A TV Shield Outdoor Enclosure for your size TV
  • 2. A standard flat screen TV
  • 3. A VESA standard flat screen TV wall mount

The TV Shield Outdoor TV Enclosure Case Cabinet Protector

Outdoor TV Enclosure The TV Shield Front ViewIf you have been thinking about putting a TV outside to enjoy on your deck, porch, or near the pool, an outdoor TV enclosure by The TV Shield is the perfect solution to protecting it from the elements.  Available in sizes to fit almost any TV (LCD, LED, or Plasma) up to 60-inches, they all provide excellent protection from outdoor accidents.  They have already thought of all the ways you might damage your TV outside and have built-in protection to guard against it.  They are made from durable, quality materials that are sure to last for years of use.  Take a look at all the great features of these “body guards” for your flat screen TV.


  • Designed for LCD, LED, and Plasma Flat Panel Displays
  • Completely sealed to be water, dust, moisture, accidental impact, and tamper proof while also provide protection against theft
  • Each case consists of of ¼-inch thick shatter and impact resistant front panel manufactured from High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Plastic for superior strength, rigidity, and durability
  • Engineered to be weather resistant, light, durable, secure, and affordable, you won’t find more capable protection on the market
  • Each front shield is manufactured from ¼-inch thick shatter resistant ultra-clear LEXAN polycarbonate; the same materialOutdoor TV Enclosure The TV Shield Outdoor View used in bullet-proof glass and even aircraft windshields.  It gives you the option of an ultra-clear view of your TV screen when closed and a direct view of your TV screen when opened.
  • You TV Shield comes secured with 2 keyed locks and a front panel secured to the casing with security rivets to prevent theft of or tampering with your TV.
  • Double vents prevent heat build-up on hot summer days.
  • Rounded corners for child safety and safety in institutional environments

Available in multiple sizes to protect nearly any size flat screen TV:

  • 19-26-inch: Your TV’s exterior dimensions need to be smaller than 27.25W x 19.0H x 5.5D inches and weigh less than 19 lbs.
  • 30-47-inch: Your TV’s exterior dimensions need to be smaller than 44.25W x 27.0H x 6.5D inches and weigh less than 37 lbs.
  • 50-60-inch: Your TV’s exterior dimensions need to be smaller than 55.25W x 35.25H x 6.0D inches and weigh less than 61 lbs.

The TV Shield Outdoor TV Enclosure Video



Great value compared to an outdoor TV

Great installation instructions

Good looking design

TV swivels with wall mount


May not be as easy to install if you’re not handy

Outdoor TV Enclosure The TV Shield Review

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Outdoor TV Enclosure Comparison Chart

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