Television StandsTV Lift Cabinet Remington AT004602S With Fireplace Room View

Television stands with built-in TV lifts solve a specific problem.  You want a relatively large, technologically advanced, and modern flat screen TV in your living room, family room, den, or bedroom, but its styling would clash  significantly with your current décor.

Really when it comes right down to it, most TVs look out of place on television stands because TV stands for flat screens are usually made of wood and the TV is made of black plastic.  Manufacturers have tried to solve this problem by reducing the contrast between the TV and its TV stand.  They have made black stands with glass to more closely match the TV.  In reality, that just makes the whole unit stand out from its surroundings when what you would really like is furniture that complements your décor.

So there is only one good way to do that.  You need to look at television stands with lift mechanisms that can hide the TV when it’s not in use.  That allows you buy some really fine furniture that holds your TV, but when the TV is hidden, it matches the room it’s in beautifully.

Flat screen TVs are getting larger and larger and so the furniture has had to adapt and get wider to accommodate the TVs.  So it is likely you will be able to find the furniture you want for just about all but the very largest of TVs.

Are these TV stands really furniture?  We’ve looked at some pretty impressive television stands and cabinets and some of them could easily be classified as fine furniture.  They have the styling, materials, and finishes that will match fine living rooms, bedrooms, and dens.

Of course along with fine furniture comes a fine price, so brace yourself for the prices of our favorite units.  The good news is that you get high-quality builds, advanced lift mechanisms, and outstanding designs.  These are the kinds of television stands that you would be proud to showcase in any room of your home.  They have the standout styling that you don’t mind showing to friends, family, and neighbors.  It is also likely that your onlookers won’t even know that they are looking at a TV stand.  Be prepared for the questions.  Where is your TV?  Don’t you own a TV?

I’ve heard the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is certainly true of television furniture.  They are a combination of styling, design, materials, and finishes and any one of them can either inspire you or sour you depending on your personal tastes.

So how did we pick our favorites?  Well fortunately, we didn’t have to worry about anyone else’s design tastes, styling preferences, material leanings, or finish fetishes.  This is our article and all we had to do is pick our favorites.  We didn’t pick the most popular styles, the most well-known manufacturer, or limited ourselves to particular materials.  We just let each unit speak to us. It’s up to you to decide whether you agree or disagree with our choices.  We also didn’t include a corner TV stand in our list although there are plenty of beautiful examples of those, too.

Read on to see if we picked any that you think would look perfect in your home!

Television Stands: Our 6 Favorite TV Lift Cabinets

#6 – Axiom TV Lift Cabinet in Medium WoodTelevision Stands Axiom TV Lift Cabinet Front View

When it comes to quality furniture, you can’t beat the attention-to-detail of Amish craftsmen.  Sometimes quality shows up in long-life and durability, but it can also show up in the design and style.  In this case the TV Lift Cabinet’s Axiom TV Lift Cabinet is a beautiful, very stylish example of their craft.  This unit hides more than a flat screen TV.  It hides a heavy-duty mechanical system, cords and wires, and media components.  As a bonus, you can leave your components hidden and still control your devices using the included infrared relay system.  This system is a nice melding of modern technology and old-world styling and construction.


  • Solid wood construction handcrafted by the Amish and made in the USA
  • Built-in infrared relay system allows you to keep the doors closed and still control your components
  • Optional speaker panels can be inserted to replace wood door panels
  • Shipped fully assembled with minimal assembly required and premium ball-bearing-equipped heavy-duty TV lift pre-installed
  • Wide door openings and spacious component storage
  • Secure, adjustable shelves are ventilated to give your components cooling air
  • Build-in cord slots organize media cables
  • Comes with easy-to-use remote control
  • Non-marking feet
  • 1-Year in-home limited warranty

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#5 – TV Lift Cabinet Huntington with Fireplace for 40-60 inch Flat Screens (Coffee) AT006449

Television Stands Huntington TV Lift Cabinet With Fireplace Front ViewWith a warm coffee finish, the Huntington by TV Lift Cabinet features a fireplace and room for a 40-60 inch flat screen TV.  This is an absolutely striking fireplace TV stand emitting both the comforting glow of the fireplace and the actual heat from a built-in electric heater.  All this is combined with fine furniture styling and plenty of storage for your media components safely separated from the fireplace heat.  This space-saving design will fit nicely into any room and complement any décor.


  • Handcrafted solid maple cabinetry finished in warm brown
  • Made in the USA by skilled Amish artisans
  • Quiet, built-in, heavy-duty lift mechanism uses manual controls inside the cabinet for operating the lift and to turn it on and off
  • Electric fireplace has a built-in heater to warm those cold winter nights
  • Large open horizontal compartment across the front of the cabinet stores additional electronics, a sound bar, or other items you wish to show off
  • No special wiring needed, the Huntington operates from a standard wall outlet
  • Fireplace and TV components are separated using a partition wall that prevents heat damage to delicate electronics
  • Adjustable shelves rest just behind the cabinets doors
  • Specially designed wire management channels hide cables, provide organization,  and give you easy access.
  • Come equipped with built-in, surge-protected outlets for all your media equipment
  • Comes fully assembled with only minor assembly required
  • Remote controls are included

Download Huntington Specification Sheet >>>

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#4 – TV Lift Cabinet Remington Fireplace TV Lift –Stained, AT004602STelevisions Stands TV Lift Cabinet Remington AT004602S With Fireplace Lifted View

Another combination TV lift cabinet and fireplace, the Remington by TV Life Cabinet has a very sophisticated look about it and when the TV is hidden completely acts the part of beautiful fireplace.  There is no doubt that it will immediately become the centerpiece of any room you place it in.


  • High-quality electric fireplace combined with heavy-duty, quiet-operation rack and pinion drive TV lift mechanism which raises and lowers at the touch of a button
  • Lift is operated by manual controls inside the unit for raising and lowering and for turning the unit on and off
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans
  • Built-in infrared relay system lets you keep the doors closed while still giving you control over your media components
  • Media components are safely protected by a partition wall which separates them from the firebox, keeps them cool, and provides plenty of ventilation
  • Two hidden drawers in the base and two hidden doors with adjustable shelves behind provide all the room you’ll need for most media component setups
  • Operates completely off a standard wall outlet with no need for special wiring or circuits
  • A front-mounted drawer along the top of the unit has interchangeable glass, wood, and fabric panels for AV component viewing, central speaker mounting, or added storage
  • Easy-access cable management channels let you neatly organize and hide all your media wires
  • Built-in surge-protected outlets provide safe, regulated power to your TV and A/V equipment
  • Remote controls included
  • Fully assembled

Download Remington Specification Sheet >>>

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#3 – Touchstone Adonzo 55-Inch TV Lift Cabinet

Television Stands Touchstone Adonzo 55-Inch TV Lift Cabinet Front ViewThe Adonzo 55-Inch TV Lift Cabinet by Touchstone is one of the most popular 55-inch lift cabinets available thanks to its detailed woodwork, use of solid birch materials and veneers, and its beautiful Distressed Cherry stain finish.  There is more to this TV lift cabinet than just looks.  It comes with plenty of space for media components, a handy drop-down media shelf, and sliding rear panels that make access to cables and wires easier.  This cabinet will look good anywhere you decide to place it in your home and its functionality can’t be beat.  Touchstone has put a lot of features into this TV lift cabinet.


  • A careful blend of old-world design and modern technology, its beautiful Distressed Cherry finish draws your eye immediately to this solid wood TV lift cabinet
  • Front-facing drop-down mesh compartment (8.5H x 6.5D x 55W inches) holds a center channel speaker, sound bars or other compact media components
  • Heirloom-quality craftsmanship is evident in its strong tongue and groove corner blocks, classic dovetail joints, solid wood materials, and 7-step finishing process
  • A 24-point quality control audit is performed on every cabinet
  • Touchstone’s Whisper Lift can quietly raise and lower up to a 55-inch flat screen TV
  • Two front doors hide plenty of cabinet storage for A/V components, DVDs, or purely decorative items
  • Large bottom shelf extends to the back of the unit making room for all of your important media components while sliding rear panels provide easy-access to wires and cables
  • All hardware and brackets necessary to easily mount your flat screen TV on the Touchstone lift mechanism are included
  • Included remote uses RF frequencies for control of the lift mechanism making line-of-site unnecessary
  • Keypad-operated security/child-safety lock
  • Backup wired remote control  and on/off switch are designed into the cabinet
  • Dimensions are 59W x 24D x 41.25H inches and the TV lift is capable of holding a TV 55W x 4.5D x 35H inches while the unit weights 309 lbs.
  • Comes fully assembled

Adonzo Brandy Features Video

Download the Adonzo TV Lift Information Sheet >>>

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#2 – Willowcraft TV Lift CabinetTelevision Stands TV Lift Cabinet Willowcraft Front View

One of the most beautiful cabinets in our list, the Willowcraft by TV Lift Cabinet is made of a hand-carved alder and cherry hardwoods blend.  With elegant columns, a rich scratch-resistant finish, and intricate in-door cabinet inlays, you will be proud to showcase this beautiful cabinet in any room of your home.  TV Lift Cabinet has spared no detail in the features it has built into this handsome piece of furniture.


  • Hand-carved alder and cherry hardwoods with a beautiful, rich finish, intricate cabinet door inlays, and framed elegant columns
  • Multi-step stain and scratch-resistant finish insures a beautiful, long life
  • Three doors include interchangeable wood and speaker panels
  • Built-in infrared relay system lets you keep the doors closed while enjoying control over your TV and media components
  • Standard no-programming RF remote control included
  • Built-in cable management organizes and hides wires
  • Adjustable, ventilated shelves keep components cool
  • Silent, heavy-duty, rack and pinion gear drive TV lift for smooth raising and lowering
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy-access back panels
  • 1-Year warranty

Download Willowcraft Specifications Sheet >>>

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#1 – Estancia 62″ TV Lift Cabinet

Television Stands TV Lift Cabinet Estancia 62-Inch Front ViewHandcrafted in the USA by Amish artisans from solid maple, the Estancia 62-inch by TV Lift Cabinet has beautiful raised panels and intricate moldings that really set-off this three-door cabinet.  With a Whisper Quiet lift, and solid functional features, this cabinet will be the pride and joy of your home.  Take a look at all of its quality features and functionality.


  • Many lovely design details including raised panels and intricate moldings
  • Beautiful solid maple construction with a scratch-resistant finish
  • A useful top compartment spans the cabinet for installing a sound bar or placing décor items
  • You can mount flat screen TVs up to 56-inches in width on the safe, secure, quiet, rack and pinion lift system
  • Built-in infrared relay system allows you to control your TV and media components without having to open cabinet doors
  • Adjustable, vented shelves accommodate a wide range of A/V components and keep them cool
  • Built-in wire-management channels organize and hide wires and cables
  • Unit comes with surge-protected outlets hidden in the cabinet leaving only one power cord to be plugged-in outside the unit
  • Made in the USA by TV Lift Cabinet Amish artisans
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Accommodates a maximum flat screen TV size of 43.25H x 56.75W x 4D inches

Download Estancia Specifications Sheet >>>

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Television Stands TV Lift Cabinets Comparison Chart

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