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Buying a beautiful flat screen TV is only one of your tasks.  You also need to look at TV stands for flat screens.  Placing your new flat screen TV on an unflattering TV stand with mount or table really detracts from the beauty of the TV and does nothing to enhance the look of your home.

You really don’t have an excuse anymore.  There are more designs and styles of TV stands for flat screens than ever before including everything from metal to glass to wood.  You can go modern and contemporary or classic and traditional.  It all depends on your tastes and the décor in your home.

In times past, television stands were designed for CRT TVs and so had to be wider and more intrusive on your space.  Now, stands are thinner and more beautiful than ever taking up less space in your home.

Wood TV stand designs continue to be popular for their warm finishes and classic good looks.  You can get everything from solidTV Stands for Flat Screens Fireplace TV Stand wood and wood veneers to high-quality vinyl cladding that still looks good, but saves you money.

A metal and glass TV console will give your space a more contemporary look with many modern styles available.  Wall-mounted or free-standing, these stands may more closely match the look of your flat screen TV.

Are you tight on space?  There are many designs and styles of TV stands for flat screens that are designed to fit neatly into the corner of any room.  You get all the functionality of a regular stand, but in a more compact footprint that will fit into any room.  Don’t think just because you’re buying a corner TV stand that you sacrifice quality or looks.  Some of the most beautiful stands we’ve seen are actually corner TV stands.

Maybe you don’t even want to see your flat screen TV when you’re not watching it.  Manufacturers have come up with new designs called TV lift cabinets that actually hide your TV inside when you’re not watching it and then automatically lift it into view when you are ready to watch TV.

TV Stands for Flat Screens Lift StandWould you like to have both an electric fireplace and a TV stand  in your living room, but don’t have the space?  New combination electric fireplace and TV stands are available.  Some even come in the TV lift variety so that you can sit around the warm fireplace that looks like a fireplace without a TV on top of it.  Let a fireplace TV stand keep you warm and entertained throughout the year.

Whatever you’re looking for in TV stands for flat screens, it’s probably available for purchase.  Don’t settle for something close to what you’re looking for.  Do the research and find exactly what you’re looking for.

We have listed some of the most unique and beautiful flat screen TV stands we could find.  See if one of these great stands is the perfect one for you!

Unique TV Stands for Flat Screens

Wood TV Stands for Flat Screens

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Metal TV Stands

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Corner TV Stands

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TV Lift Stands

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Fireplace TV Stands

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